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Ashlee Herr

Owner + Designer

Ashlee is a Denton, Texas based graphic designer who finds endless joy in a morning's cup of coffee. She believes design is an empowering tool that should be affordable and accessible to everyone. (Needless to say, she loves a good DIY!) After graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design, Ashlee's career began working at an Architecture Firm for 3+ years. She has since made the transition into full-time freelance work and enjoys every minute of her job!

Phone: (940) 390-0640

Ludwig Von Herr

Creative Director

Ludwig has worked in the design industry for roughly 16 (dog) years. Undoubtedly, JustbyaHerr_Designs would not be complete without Ludwig, the best co-worker in the business. Ludwig is a long haired dachshund who spends his days working side-by-side with Ashlee. He occasionally acts as a guard dog, but mostly he keeps Ashlee company throughout the day! All work is stamped with his paw of approval! And, he's an Aggie, too!